2018 preview: A look ahead at business travel

BCD Travel’s experts envision what’s coming next year—and beyond.

Hotel bots. Virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence. Mobile beacons. It sounds like a script for a blockbuster film, but it’s actually the future of business travel, predicts BCD Travel in a newly released preview. The company asked its experts to share predictions for business travel in the near and far future. Hot topics for 2018 and beyond: AI and machine learning, data security and sustainable business travel.

“Technology embedded in our environment will be smarter and connected,” said Miriam Moscovici, director of Emerging Technologies at BCD Travel. “This is particularly relevant in the area of transit, travel and logistics. Whatever can be ‘digitized’ will be ‘cognitized.’”

BCD’s preview explains the evolutionary trends already upon us, like AI agent assistants; virtual reality test drives of hotels and meeting rooms; and mobile solutions that simplify paying for and expensing business travel. It also demonstrates how the industry is poised for transformation:

  • Smart applications will help companies engage their travelers so they stay safer, spend smartly and grow more satisfied with their trip experiences.
  • Virtual payments and virtual meetings will become more widely accepted.
  • The distinction between leisure and business travel will continue to fade.
  • Wi-Fi access will soon be available on over half of the world’s aircraft—extending 24/7 connectivity and networking into the skies.

The seeds of these changes have sprouted, Moscovici said. “You can see the industry transforming before our eyes. The future is upon us.”

Prepare your program and your travelers for what’s ahead for business travel with the 2018 Advito Industry Forecast and future-forward guidance from your BCD Travel account manager.

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