2017 preview: Revving up travel and expense integration

Platform evolution delivers on the promise of end-to-end T&E reporting.

When travel and expense reporting and reimbursement gets easier, travelers and travel managers get happier. T&E integration is a key way to make that happen. As business travel consultancy Advito details in its recently released 2017 Industry Forecast Update, T&E integration provides benefits such as:

  • Streamlined processes
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Improved data quality
  • Greater visibility into spending patterns

Companies are well aware of the benefits of T&E integration; nonetheless, widespread adoption has been limited to large corporations with mature travel programs, according to research from BCD Travel. What’s more, most integrations only tap into online booking tools and expense management systems, the research shows. Offline bookings and payments are either missing or not fully captured.

But automation and platform evolution promise to change this. Read the Industry Forecast Update to learn more about enhanced end-to-end travel and expense integration that gives travelers consumer-like choices while improving program performance. These technological advances, and the increased interoperability they enable, allow companies to mine for savings and give travelers a more frictionless trip experience.

Get more analysis and insights by downloading Advito’s full 2017 Industry Forecast. Want to learn more about how to use Industry Forecast insights to improve your travel program? Talk to your BCD Travel account manager or email Advito at [email protected]

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