BCD’s CEO explains how to combat uncertainty with smart business travel spending

Lower corporate travel costs and boost sustainability with tactics that won’t hurt your business.

Brexit, trade wars and political unrest all have created the kind of uncertainty BCD Travel warns about in its annual Industry Forecast reports.

Companies are responding with cost controls. Those already operating lean travel programs are looking for new ideas about how to save on trips—without undermining sales.

In a recent LinkedIn post, BCD Chief Executive Officer John Snyder shares advice the travel management company is giving to clients seeking to cut back on travel spend and combat uncertainty, including:

  • How to help travelers spend smarter
  • Ways to squeeze spend from travel processes
  • How to tap into the cost-cutting power of innovation
  • Why travel still matters for growing revenue
  • Why it’s time to make sustainability a priority

As Snyder writes, “It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s times like these—when businesses are looking to cut travel spend—that travel management companies can really prove their value.”

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