BCD Travel to strengthen its’ management in Finland

BCD Travel Finland has appointed Nina Ruokonen as Business Development Director.

In order to solidify and further strengthen its’ position in Finland BCD Travel has appointed Nina Ruokonen as Business Development Director starting from 16th of January 2016. The appointment is yet another clear sign from BCD Travel that it wants to put more emphasis to and gain more market share within the Nordics and Finland, just like with the previously announced Ticket Biz acquisition.

Ruokonen will be part of BCD Travel management in Finland being responsible for aggressive sales efforts and market visibility in Finland as well as the strategic development of major global BCD Travel clients residing in Finland.

NinaRuokonen_FIRuokonen will add value to BCD Travel and its’ clients by being highly respected in the industry by colleagues, suppliers and clients as well as having several board memberships and a wide industry network both locally and internationally. Ruokonen also brings unique experience to BCD Travel as a result of her strong background on buying business travel on corporate side and executing complex global integration, transformation and cost optimizing projects.

“We are in people business so getting clients to award their business to you, a TMC needs to be able to proof their competence and have trust-generating, “reality-tested” and experienced senior leaders to make things happen for the clients. Being relevant for your clients is ever more important to be successful in this heavily competed industry and BCD Travel is here to do just that!”, says Ruokonen.

Ruokonen has already worked with BCD Travel for the past six months as an external consultant through her own company Need 4 Results. Previously Ruokonen has been globally responsible for Nokia (/later Microsoft) Strategic Travel Management and Sourcing having a significant 17 years of career in Nokia, during which she has also worked in different leading Legal Counsel, Sourcing & Outsourcing positions. She holds a Master of Laws (LLM) from University of Helsinki.

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