Smooth KLM connections from Belgium to the rest of the world with Thalys via Schiphol

KLM does not only offer 5 daily flights to/from Brussels Airport, but customers can as well travel by Thalys from Antwerp Central station or Brussels-Zuid/Midi railway station to Schiphol. From there they can fly to all corners of the world. 

Thalys between Belgium and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

In order to catch a KLM flight out of Schiphol, KLM offers up to 14 daily high-speed trains out of Brussels-Midi/Zuid railway station and Antwerp Central station. Schiphol can be reached in only 54 minutes from Antwerp Central station and in 95 minutes from Brussels-Zuid/Midi railway station.

Picking up the train ticket

Thalys train tickets (with a reserved seat) can be picked up by showing a KLM e-ticket and valid proof of identity at the departure station. This can be done 2 hours prior to the train departure time. Stamped train ticket cannot be thrown away as they need to be shown at the airport check-in desk.

Here’s where an e-ticket can be exchanged for a Thalys train ticket:

Route Pick up train ticket at
From Antwerp Central Station to Schiphol International Ticket Desk at Antwerp Central Station
From Brussels-Midi/Zuid railway station to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Air France KLM Air&Rail Terminal or Departure Today Zone at Brussels-Midi/Zuid railway station
From  Schiphol to Antwerp Central Station NS-Service Desk at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

From Thalys train to KLM plane

When arriving at Schiphol, baggage can be collected and checked in at the check-in desk for connecting flights.

From KLM plane to Thalys train

When the passenger continues by Thalys after a KLM flight, he needs to pick up his baggage at the carrousel before collecting the Thalys train ticket.

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