How to add CSR to your business DNA

BCD’s Kathy Jackson explains why sustainability is good for business.

Kathy Jackson, BCD Travel

A focus on corporate social responsibility boost BCD Travel’s ability to meet market demands, attract and retain talent and minimize risk, says Kathy Jackson, the travel management company’s executive vice president of Global Program Management and executive chair of corporate social responsibility.

In a new LinkedIn post, Jackson celebrates BCD earning EcoVadis gold for the second year in a row (the first TMC to do so) and outlines ways CSR plays an essential role in achieving business goals.

“CSR is part of our company’s DNA; we’ve operated under specific CSR principles for a decade,” writes Jackson. “At BCD Travel, CSR is a crucial component of delivering sustainable, long-term value to our customers. Keeping CSR top of mind ensures we constantly consider our company’s place in and impact on an ever-changing world.”

Learn more about BCD Travel’s latest EcoVadis gold rating and read a case study about the company’s success in incorporating sustainability into global business operations.

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