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New white paper explores how Total Trip Planning boosts productivity.

Today, a business traveler is responsible for researching how to get from Point A to Point B using airport transfers, public transportation, railways, taxis—maybe even ferries. All that planning takes time away from the job your company actually hired them to do, robbing the employee and your company of hours of productivity.

Here are some eye-opening facts:

  • Travelers headed to an unfamiliar destination spend an average of 2.5 hours researching trip logistics, generally tapping into as many as four sources of information. [1]
  • More than 40% of business travelers use three or more sources to plan their trip [2]—and chances are high that they’re not the sources the company prefers. These sources may be consumer travel sites that are outside corporate travel policy, adding to costs and making it more difficult to keep up with employees’ travel plans.

But there is a solution—a way to bridge the door-to-door gap for your travelers without adding to their to-do lists. By providing your travelers with a corporate tool that does door-to-door trip planning, the information they need is at their fingertips. Download BCD Travel’s latest white paper, Total Trip Planning: Bridging the Door-to-Door Gap for Business Travelers, to discover how Total Trip Planning can boost productivity—and satisfaction—among your travelers.

[1] Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge
[2] Travelport research, The Well Connected Traveler, 2010

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