Business travelers can book a company-preferred hotel via TripSource®

New feature from BCD Travel increases in-program hotel bookings.

With the hotel booking functionality in BCD Travel’s TripSource® app travelers can make their reservations at rates negotiated by their company, with access to more than one million shopping properties worldwide.

Travelers serviced by BCD Travel can book their hotel from any device, at any time, increasing in-program hotel reservations for BCD Travel clients. The hotel booking feature in TripSource offers more hotel content than any other TMC by combining content from the global distribution system (GDS) with content from multiple hotel booking aggregators. The platform aggregates a broad range of channels’ rooms and rates, along with your program’s negotiated rates and the BCD private rates—all in one place. It generates program savings and simplifies booking decisions for travelers by cutting through the noise. Travelers get the benefit of more hotel choices (including boutique and specialty properties) at the best rates – with the same intuitive booking experience offered by the popular consumer booking sites.

BCD Travel’s network of solutions and back-office system now offers a complete hotel solution, including sourcing, business intelligence and purchasing support. Accessible via mobile, web or tablet, the platform offers an attractive interface to the traveler, equipped with a powerful search engine, including customizable filters and multiple property photos.

The application has been designed to target travelers who are often tempted to make their own online reservations. Chris Crowley, Senior Vice President EMEA at BCD Travel, explains: “We know that about 50% of hotel bookings are made outside the program. In addition, only 29% of travelers book their hotel and plane tickets at the same time, increasing the risk of fragmentation of the program. Add into that equation that 82% of travelers younger than 35 prefer to make their own reservations. TripSource is the ideal solution to harmonize the requirements of travel managers and the preferences of travelers: it allows the travel manager to enhance its duty of care while offering a practical, attractive tool and a wide choice of hotels to improve the traveler’s booking experience.”

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Give your travelers the hotels they like, technology they embrace and advice they can trust while saving costs and keeping them safe. Contact your Account Manager to find out more about TripSource. 
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