30-second primer: Find travelers when it matters most

During a crisis, DecisionSource incident reports let companies pinpoint and contact travelers fast.

When storms flooded Texas and Costa Rica, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit Mexico and attacks in major cities worldwide led to heightened security and disrupted travel, BCD clients turned to DecisionSource® Location Incident reports to find and contact affected travelers quickly.

Here are some examples of how BCD clients used these reports over the past year:

Location Incident Itinerary report: See which travelers are in affected areas

During rains that caused intense flooding and a red alert in Costa Rica last fall, the security team for a BCD client kept an eye on potentially affected travelers using the Location Incident Itinerary report embedded in DecisionSource’s traveler security map. The report can be auto-filtered and run simply by clicking on an area of the map. The client was able to monitor the situation and travelers in the area—all in an instant. (The Location Incident Itinerary report code is GS00015M.)

Location Incident Contact report: Have traveler-provided emergency contact information at your fingertips

A health care client relied on both the Location Incident Itinerary and the related Location Incident Contact report to find and check on travelers during a mass shooting in Las Vegas last October. Using contact information provided by its employees, the company was able to confirm their safety and provide care to victims of the shooting. (The location Incident Contact report is GS00017M.)

Get more tips for using these reports to help keep your travelers safe in this video tutorial and quick reference guide.

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