3 obstacles to traveler engagement

If you’re struggling with how to capitalize on the potential of traveler engagement, you’ve likely run up against one or more of these obstacles: a lack of data about traveler behavior, a lack of in-house marketing expertise or a lack of strong technology tools. But travel managers armed with the right resources can overcome all three. BCD Travel’s latest white paper, Get Engaged: Empowering Travelers to Make Smart Buying Choices, shows how:

Obstacle: Lack of data about traveler behavior

Solution: Business intelligence platforms like BCD Travel’s DecisionSource® allow travel managers not only to understand their travelers’ behavior, but also identify what behavior needs to change—and what their programs can gain by changing it. What’s more, data analytics now makes it possible to measure the impact of behavior management. You’ll know your traveler engagement plan is working, and you’ll be able to demonstrate that success to your executive team.

Obstacle: Lack of professional help

Solution: Companies can now turn to dedicated third-party expertise to help build and execute their traveler engagement programs. Solid success stories from companies like Mondelēz and others give credibility and momentum to such efforts. Thanks to better practice and methodologies, engagement is moving from an art to a science.

Obstacle: Lack of tools

Solution: Travel managers now have access to much better tools to engage business travelers, especially tools like TripSource®, designed to give travel managers robust ways to communicate with their travelers at moments of peak influence. These tools also aid travelers by making booking and itinerary management easy—simplifying their lives on the road and binding them invisibly to the managed travel program.

What’s the next step? Creating a plan for successful traveler engagement.

Download Get Engaged: Empowering Travelers to Make Smart Buying Choices for a deeper dive into program improvements you can achieve through traveler engagement. Then ask your account manager how BCD Travel and Advito can help.