Artists & Talent

The industry’s top influencers rely on us to make travel effortless and help them manage unpredictable schedules.

With our attention to every detail, you can trust us to know we have you and your artists’ back, every step of their journey.

Our commitment to efficiency and privacy ensures talent, artists, and their managers arrive on time and ready for action.

We’ve got you and your client’s belongings covered 24 hours a day.

And we even arrange family and pet travels, so artists can enjoy a slice of home no matter where they perform.

We’ll keep watch over them to ensure they’re safe, making alternate arrangements if something has the potential to disrupt their travel.

BCD Media & Entertainment,
you get a solution as distinct as your production.

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What our clients
are saying

BCD… you have been my backbone, cornerstone, foundation, ALL THE THINGS!

Thank you for your great service and building a relationship with me!
Thank you for helping with our crazy last minute requests.
Thank you for the laughter and sometimes tears.

Thank you for being an exceptional crew and organization!!!

—Marcia McIntyre
Travel Coordinator | Disney



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