Defense firm saves $2 million on hotels with Dynamic Performance Management

For years, the hotel contracts for a U.S.-based defense and cybersecurity firm were pretty straightforward. The company used most of the same hotel properties over and over. It negotiated rates annually, factoring in per-diem amounts allowed by its government clients.

Then two important things changed. Hoteliers began shifting to pricing models that fluctuated based on supply and demand. And the company switched to a strategic sourcing process that was dynamic, too. The travel program needed to be able to demonstrate the value and performance of its hotel contracts throughout the year.

A newly released case study details the solution. The company’s travel program leader turned to Dynamic Performance Management™ from Stay by BCD Travel to gain access to real-time analytics and regular, data-centered insights. Stay consultants advised her about how to act on that information to proactively manage hotel supplier performance.

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