Evolution of trusted partnership to best in class program

Case study


Through organic evolution and a trusted partner status, BCD was able to combine the oversight of one pharmaceutical company’s robust transient, group air, meetings and consultancy program into a shared $1.2B Integrated Travel & Meetings (ITM) model. By consolidating global travel management, standardizing the group travel global model, and decreasing the number of meeting planning agencies, the client was able to benefit from holistic oversight, enhanced technology solutions and operational consistency.

The program recently underwent additional transformation by transitioning into a Progressive Program Management (PPM) model based on seven key competency areas that provide a cross-functional team of subject matter experts and thought leaders to support the program, strategies and policies. This model breaks from the traditionally geo-dedicated teams to provide innovation in line with the program’s current needs.

The seven key competency areas allow for the speed, agility and diversity of expertise to adapt as the industry continues to change:

  • Service strategy & optimization
  • Payment strategy & execution
  • Traveler, attendee and stakeholder engagement
  • Spend management & distribution optimization
  • Digital strategy & execution
  • Data management, analytics & visualizations
  • Sustainability

The key to success was the transition to a Progressive Program Management model, based on seven key competency areas