Business travel planning and en route services

Engage travellers in your program by giving them the information, services and tools they need to make their travel efficient, simple and pleasant

Travellers expect information and advice at their fingertips throughout their trip. And that creates new expectations in business travel. But what if you were to go beyond their expectations and offer information and services that surprise and delight them? Give them an excellent experience and you create fans for your program, ones who will come back again and again.

Our planning and en route services let your travellers plan and manage their trips in the ways they prefer — making travel within your policy more attractive than going outside it. Throughout their trips, you can give business travellers control while simultaneously guiding their decisions. You keep them safe and on track even when their plans are disrupted. So no matter where they are, your people have what they need to make their travel more productive, easy and pleasant. Why would they go anywhere else?

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