Hotel programs show marked improvement with Advito

Your hotel program performance will benefit from broader data and deeper analysis.

Here are three examples of how:

  • Using transaction level integrated card and travel data with powerful variables like day of week patterns, advance purchase patterns, and other behavioral indicators which hotels focus on when determining the value of your business, gives you added negotiating leverage.
  • Dynamic program management shows ongoing (vs only annually) whether discounts are available with a frequency that matters to your travelers, whether your rates are still competitive; and whether the number and type of suppliers is the optimal mix for your company. The market changes quickly.  Now you’re ready.
  • Quarterly updated market forecasts are adjusted specifically for business-travel. Your budgets are more accurate due to the more precise focus.

Don’t take our word for it. The numbers tell our story…

  • Average ROI for hotel sourcing clients: 11 times the cost of the sourcing project
  • Average ROI for clients above $50 million in global spend: 22 times the cost of the sourcing project

Advito outperformed the industry on average rate negotiations across the globe. Want real leverage in your next round of  hotel negotiations? Contact us at (888) 812-8725 or