Get the best rates

The best hotel rates. Period.

How? We source and aggregate millions of direct, GDS, third-party, BCD Travel and client-negotiated hotel rates. This gives business travelers the shopping options that boost engagement and enable smart decisions.

Our proprietary Global Hotel Program delivers discounted hotel rates on tens of thousands of properties. Many come with BCD Travel-negotiated amenities like free breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking and fitness center access. BCD Great Rates offer even more savings.

Sourcing hotels a hassle?

With Advito, our consulting arm, you get an average 11:1 ROI letting us do hotel sourcing for you. The secret?  Dynamic performance management, which helps you stay ahead of continuous changes in the the hotel industry and global markets.

Always the lowest hotel rates—even after booking

Hotel Price Assurance automatically checks for price drops daily until the day before departure. If a lower rate is found, we validate and rebook, without action from you or your traveler required.  The benefits?

  • Confidence.  From continuous hotel rate checks
  • Direction.  Drive business to preferred hotels in specific markets
  • ROI.  Get the best rates from suppliers
  • Quantify. Measure savings with every rebooking

Read how BCD Travel clients have saved with Hotel Price Assurance.

Get the best rates.