Keep travelers safe

September 11, 2001; November 26, 2008; April 15, 2013; November 13, 2015; March 22, 2016. Where were you?  Where were your travelers? When the phone rings and there’s been an incident, you need to know. Every second counts.

Think ahead

The question is not if your company will face a crisis, but when. Keep your business travelers safe through proactive and reactive strategies. Put processes in place that align and evolve with your internal security group. We’re flexible; that means you can use our solution to bridge a gap or fully cover all your travel risk management needs.

Respond quickly and precisely

Prepare your travelers for potential risks before their trip. Then keep track of them while they’re en route, anywhere in the world, and connect with them when a crisis occurs.

  • Know where your travelers are at any moment with a color-coded, interactive map.
  • Reduce your risk with security reports and insight into potential security threats.
  • Know immediately when an event that impacts your travelers has occurred with 24/7 custom impact alerts.
  • Contact travelers to alert them of risks and ensure they are safe.

Take the first step to keeping your travelers safe.