Is hotel content really king in a managed travel program?

Technology enables a single, comprehensive search for hotels

Travel programs need to hit savings targets, meet budgets, protect travelers and offer a great traveler experience.

We help you get the best possible results for all your business goals. To do that now and into the future, here are the things we believe your Travel Management Company (TMC) needs to be true to:

  • The source of travel rates must become irrelevant. One search should span multiple content sources, and technology should do the work behind the scenes to pull it all together.
  • Having all that content needs to come without sacrificing simplicity, safety and security or data quality.
  • When your travelers search, book and go on the road, they need to feel empowered and smart.
  • You should have outstanding business intelligence on demand. Negotiations need to be smarter.
  • Payments and upfront guarantees need to be painless, especially for companies where not all travelers have a corporate card.

BCD’s hotel strategy is to connect all the right elements to meet – or exceed – your business goals.  Advito’s broader and deeper approach to data analysis proves to be a valuable first step.

We’re ready to design a comprehensive hotel program to meet your needs. Are you? Get in touch.