Ease for travelers
BCD Government Travel provides your travelers with trip information to help them manage plans on the go. BCD Government Travel’s mobile application offers customizable policy notifications to help them make smart travel decisions while on the road.

Compliance and traveler security
BCD Government Travel’s technology lets you influence traveler behavior and compliance, while providing security tracking for duty of care.

Enhanced support
BCD Government Travel’s tools and services keep travelers productive and in control even when plans get disrupted. We’re here when you need us.

Greater savings
BCD Government Travel goes beyond government rates to offer travelers the best rates at the time of booking.

Data that drives every decision
BCD Government Travel provides real-time data and analytics to help drive strategies to lower cost, improve service and achieve goals.

Government travelers have been locked into status quo service.

Unlock better traveler support

• A better booking experience for your travelers
• 24/7 support via mobile app, web or phone
• Effective notifications on up-to-the minute changes and emergency alerts
• More flexibility through technology and a digital journey

Unlock better cost control

• Get more control over trip planning and supplier spend
• Evaluate current booking processes for increased efficiencies
• Increase online adoption for overall program savings
• Go beyond negotiated government rates to secure the best available rates

Unlock better data

• Integrate and consolidate small business set-aside data into one report
• Monitor compliance through analytics and spend categories
• Maintain duty of care of all travelers
• Gather traveler feedback to improve the travelers’ experience

You and your travelers deserve a program that works.

BCD Government Travel can help.

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Unlock your potential.

Together we hold the keys to your success!

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