Travel services

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Making smart travel purchasing decisions

BCD Government Travel provides a wide range of travel services that align with U.S. government guidelines. Your travelers get the information and options they need to make smart travel purchasing decisions for your agency. Whether they book online or with a counselor, they can rest assured we’ll support them every step of the way, making their trips easier and more productive.



With BCD Government Travel, your travelers have access to the best available rates at the time of booking. Our agents offer GSA City Pair Program fares along with all other available lowest fare options. Multiple options help travelers make smart decisions that bolster your bottom line.

All reservations are integrated into TripSource®, our proprietary trip management platform that offers convenient access via desktop, tablet or mobile device.



Government travelers have access to FedRooms rates at over 7,000 properties, as well as proprietary BCD hotel program rates and industrywide best available rates. All can be booked through BCD Government Travel agents and our award-winning TripSource app. Your travelers choose the options that make sense for their official travel, all in one place, and their reservations are integrated into TripSource.

With BCD Government Travel, you ensure your agency drives hotel savings.

Ground transport


Ground transport is integrated into each itinerary as needed. Your travelers can be confident we have them covered, whether they need a rental car, private car or other ground transportation. For large groups, charter transport is also available.

All ground transport reservations are integrated into their TripSource itinerary for quick reference.



When rail is a viable mode of transport for a trip, your travelers will be offered options according to your travel policy. All rail reservations are integrated into their comprehensive TripSource itinerary.