Your itinerary and e-ticket

After e-ticket issue, you will receive an email with your itinerary and e-ticket number. You can use this number to check-in online or via mobile.

We advise you to bring along your e-ticket receipt when you travel as you may be asked to show it at immigration checkpoints or by other authorities.

Your reservation

First and last name in reservation should be identical to passport.
All fares, taxes and surcharges are subject to change without notice prior to ticket issuance. Schedules/seat reservations as shown on this confirmation are subject to alterations as operational changes made by the airlines may occur.
In case you passed your frequent flyer number to us, it has been communicated to the airline(s) concerned in your itinerary. However, earning points or miles on Frequent Flyer cards is passenger’s own responsibility. Smoothening this process, it is advisable that name on card is exactly equal to name in ticket including slash excluding spaces.

Travelers carrying tickets with fictitious coupons (flight coupons issued without intention to be used) or using coupons out of sequence may encounter one or some of the following disruptions:

  • Denied boarding
  • Denied access to country (i.e. USA)
  • Canceling of reservation
  • Demand to supply additional payment
  • Invoicing after trip with additional payment up to correct fare plus penalty (non limitative enumeration).

Minimum connecting times as guaranteed by the reservations system may be invalid if passenger travels on separate tickets; connecting flights are then at passenger’s own risk.

Within Europe KLM’s booking classes C, J and Z refer to Select class. This is not business class. In case Air France is operating carrier, passengers with a KLM Z class booking will be accommodated in Air France’s Tempo Challenge economy class.

Travel documents


The obligation to hold valid travel documents such as passport, (international) driving license*, visa, health certificates etc. is entirely the client’s / traveler’s responsibility.

Some countries may also require passports to be valid for up to 6 months after the intended stay in that country. If you have any doubts about any of these requirements, please contact one of our consultants.

Driving License

* An international driving permit (IDP) is mandatory (or at least advisable) in most countries outside of the European Economical Area (EU + Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein). IDP is nothing more than an official translation of a national driving license and has a validity of only one year. IDP in the Netherlands can be purchased at ANWB offices.

Entering the USA

US Customs require full details of first night address in USA. Incomplete info may result in refusal to enter USA. Do not lock bags. Customs are authorized to inspect all luggage without any liability to damages.

More info at:

E-ticketing legal information

Visit the IATA website for information about passenger rights and obligations with regard to denied boarding, baggage, check-in times and the transport of dangerous goods.