Drive savings in your travel program

Cost saving in erm travel

Simplify day-to-day processes and reduce your internal resource costs. Capture and consolidate all trip expenses from all suppliers in one place for a total trip cost. And drive better decisions across your travel spend.


Get the savings you deserve

Savings can be found across your ERM travel program, ranging from rates to policy guidance to forecasting. You just need to look at the bigger picture. This is just as true for well-established travel programs as it is for up-and-coming travel programs. Ask yourself:

  • Did you negotiate the best deals with your suppliers and are your travelers using them?
  • Are you choosing the most relevant fare type for your travelers trip requirements?
  • Can you make policy changes to drive savings while keeping your travelers satisfied?

Find the answer to these questions with our industry leading business intelligence platform DecisionSource®. And, with DecisionSource you can run predictive analyses to see how your decisions would impact the travel budget.


Secure the best deals

You have access to the best content, inclusive of specialty fares for your crew travelers that can offer flexibility and 20-70% savings off published fares. More importantly, you have guidance from your program manager and front-line agent team on choosing the most relevant fare type to maximize overall savings.

Additionally, our agents can shop local inventory across our multinational service centers, which may result in a lower price for your ticket. And with tools like Price Assurance you’re certain your travelers won’t pay too much for their hotels and flights ever again.

You say you don’t have the volume or leverage to negotiate better prices? No worries, we’ll give you access to our exclusive BCD Special Fares negotiated with suppliers for companies just like yours.


How BCD Travel helps

A partner like BCD Travel can help your company maximize savings on your travel budget.

  • Use analytics and forecasting to make better decisions with DecisionSource
  • Empower your travelers and travel arrangers with TripSource to make the best travel decisions
  • Reach travelers with relevant messages and guidelines—anytime, anywhere to drive engagement and compliance
  • Always get the best travel deals with our robust content and Air Price Assurance
  • Connect all the services you need through our open technology platforms to create more efficient processes that help your business run smoother