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BCD’s vision is to be a complete travel and logistics provider for the ERM space. We’re continuously investing in technology to create a seamless trip from start to finish for travelers and crewing arrangers. These crew logistics and travel engagement solutions allow us to manage pre-trip profiles, scheduling and rosters all the way through to last mile management and support. With this technology and our relationships in the space, we will offer increased integration with port agencies and other third-party providers to show you a complete view of your crew traveler’s trip.

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BCD Energy, Resources & Marine Travel is part of the BCD Travel family. With committed, experienced employees and innovative solutions for travel management, we’re helping thousands of organizations and their varied travelers types travel smart and achieve more.


We have been working regionally with ERM companies for over 30 years. An ERM travelers trip is complex, and is spread across travel and logistics teams. And ERM companies are looking for any way to simplify this processes. Over the years, we saw an opportunity to globalize our offering, by providing a single platform that can centralize ERM services. With a platform based approach, its easier to roll out a policy change, update carrier agreements, or add new business units to the program.


Senior Vice President, Americas

Our joint venture with Bernard Schulte Shipmanagement creates a link between business travel management and the shipping industry that has never existed in the market before. We are in a position to really integrate and examine all business processes – not just travel booking processes – for improvement potential for our customers.


Vice President, Business Development, Marine and Shipping

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We’re honored that our work, members and company are repeatedly recognized by the travel industry and organizations.

30+ years of ERM travel experience