European aviation eco taxes; managing sustainable travel

International environmental organization “Friends of the Earth” estimates aviation emissions more than doubled between 1990 and 2016, while overall emissions from all sources fell by 43%.1 Low aviation taxes, a proliferation of low-cost carriers and the rise of alternative accommodation have been blamed for an air-travel boom. While the debate continues, European governments are starting to look to taxation as a way of reducing aviation’s environmental impact.

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How to partner with HR to improve your travel program

screenshot inform blueprint for travel managers hr

A Blueprint for Travel Managers: Partnering with HR is the first report in a BCD Travel Inform series exploring corporate travel’s evolving relationships with HR, security and finance. This
report guides travel managers through the opportunities and challenges facing their HR colleagues; how HR and travel program objectives align; and the ways travel and HR can partner to drive overall business goals.

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Inform Report Payment and expense

screenshot Payment and expense

This report takes a closer look at how emerging technologies like machine learning, chatbots et al can radically simplify payment and expense management, not just for travelers, but for their employers, too. We inform you on how new technologies will change payment and expense. One day they will dramatically simplify expense reports – and reduce the dread we have for them today.

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