AstraZeneca’s global consolidation drives data insights, savings and traveler satisfaction

U.K.-based biopharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca partnered with BCD Travel to bring 70 countries under global travel program management in just seven months. A case study explains how consolidation enabled innovations and improvements that led to results.

The company saved 15% on managed travel spend in one year. It gained data-centered, actionable insights into 95% of its managed travel spend. And the improved program performance helped the company achieve 86% traveler satisfaction.

“We needed comprehensive, consolidated data to understand where out-of-policy spend was happening and then make improvements,” said Kerrie Henshaw-Cox, AstraZeneca’s travel program leader. “Our consolidated travel program enables the travel team to better support AstraZeneca business leaders.”

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Inform Report Managing air quality risk

What can corporate travel managers do to protect their travelers against air pollution? How can business travelers guard against the harmful effects of polluted air? This new Inform report about air quality and business travel helps travel managers to get informed about air pollution, find out if travelers are at risk and plan how to act on it.

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Traveler Wellness Survey Infographic

This survey explores the importance of traveler wellness and the corporate initiatives intended to improve the traveler experience. The results are based on an online survey of 53 travel managers worldwide conducted in November 2018. According to the outcome, a big gap exists between the wellness initiatives travel managers find important and those that are actually in place, especially when it comes to health and work-life balance.

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Cardinal Health locks in lower rates on 77% of bookings with Price Assurance Technology

Cardinal Health used Price Assurance Technology from BCD Travel to achieve savings that average $44 per automatically rebooked hotel room and $118 per rebooked air ticket—all without the travel team “having to lift a finger.”

A new case study details how Price Assurance Technology enabled the U.S. health care company to lock in lower room rates on 77% of hotel bookings and secure lower airfares on the same flights 2.5% of the time. What’s more, when Cardinal Health’s travelers saw the savings available through their corporate program, they stopped shopping around.

“We are a small team, but even if we were a 20-person team, we would not have the bandwidth to track every air booking for a price drop,” said Cardinal Health Global Travel Senior Manager Jill Huffman. “Now we have solutions that bring our program additional savings, and we aren’t having to lift a finger.”

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