Allegion’s QC innovation leads to fewer errors and happier travelers

Applying manufacturing-style quality control to corporate travel has helped Allegion reduce errors that add friction to employees’ business trips. The result: Better travel experiences and happier travelers. After rolling out the strategy in the United States in January 2018, booking errors linked to travelers’ misunderstanding of policy dropped 50%. The complaint rate per issued airline …

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Allgeier taps BCD expertise to boost end-to-end savings

German information technology services provider Allgeier Enterprise Services worked with BCD Travel to choose and implement SAP Concur Travel & Expense for booking and managing business trip expenses. The scalable tool cuts travel costs, and it enables self-service options and end-to-end processes that simplify trips for the company’s rapidly growing workforce. It’s a success story rooted in BCD’s more than 15-year partnership with and in-depth knowledge of SAP Concur.


Inform Report Communications

This 3rd report from our Emerging technologies series takes a closer look at how emerging technologies like machine learning, chatbots et al can transform travel communications. Today’s tools can deliver effective, personalized messages to travelers, engaging them at exactly the right moment and giving travel managers new ways to encourage engagement and compliance.


Ingersoll Rand boosts TripSource use 88%, and hotel savings follow

Ingersoll Rand rolled out BCD Travel’s TripSource® self-service platform to travelers in six Latin American countries—Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru. The aim was to bring outside spend in through in-program hotel bookings, improve the traveler experience and drive savings. But six months later, adoption of the TripSource app was still low.

A new case study details how Ingersoll Rand partnered with BCD to solve the problem with a traveler outreach strategy. Webinars in English and Spanish explained how TripSource increases travelers’ hotel choices; saves them time when booking hotels; and increases their safety because the company can find them in an emergency.

Travel team members used Skype sessions and surveys to follow up with travelers. Then, after they registered for the app, travelers received targeted messages before, during and after trips.


Inform Report Policy

This report takes a closer look at how technologies like machine learning, chatbots et al can transform travel policy. The days of using it as a blunt instrument to ensure travelers book cost-effectively and stay safe are numbered. Today, technology is already steering travelers towards the right choices without their even realizing it.


Quality management in business travel

ACTE and BCD Travel Quality management in Business Travel white paper

When it comes to determining business trip success, what travel managers say is important is different from what they ultimately measure. Those were the findings of a new research project from The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) and BCD Travel. The paper, Quality Management in Business Travel, was released Oct. 12 ahead of ACTE’s 2018 Paris Global Summit & Corporate Lodging Forum.


2019 Industry Forecast

2019 Industry Forecast - BCD Travel

BCD Travel’s 2019 Industry Forecast provides an abundance of data and tips useful to anyone with a role in sourcing corporate travel. The report offers a global overview and seven regional reports (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and Southwest Pacific) that detail supply, demand and pricing trends for air, hotel, meetings and ground transportation.