What you need to know: Coronavirus and travel bans

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus have now been recorded in 195 countries and territories outside of China. To control the spread, governments around the world are recommending against all but essential travel to certain countries, quarantining citizens returning from affected areas and restricting non-resident arrivals. After the WHO …

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Inform Report 2020 Travel risk survival kit

Prepare for travel risks Traveler care is top of mind because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. But other business travel risks haven’t disappeared. Get strategic guidance on how what’s ahead and how to mitigate risks, manage through crises and keep travelers safe and informed. Download report

Travel beyond 2020 – Autonomous vehicles

Getting smoothly around a city can be just as important to business travelers as flying between cities. New business models, such as ride-hailing, are already changing the way we travel around on the ground. Technological innovations including electrification, connectivity and autonomy are poised to further transform the way we travel in and between towns and cities.

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Travel beyond 2020 – Hyperloop

The idea of passengers traveling in pods at high speed in sealed transportation tubes may seem to be straight out of a science fiction novel. It’s not. It’s an idea-turned concept inspired by technologist billionaire Elon Musk in 2012. Seven years later, Hyperloop transportation systems are nearing full-scale testing, with the first commercial operations ready perhaps within a few years.If it delivers what’s been promised, Hyperloop could transform short-haul travel, offering business travelers and their companies a sustainable travel option and untold cost and productivity savings.

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