Talent management is a key priority for TMC success in the digital age

Technology doesn’t replace people.
It requires new talent with an evolving skill set.

Advances in technology have shifted our talent management focus.
Terms like digital, security, analytics, project management and implementation are featured prominently in career postings. We’re attracting employees with knowledge and skills that didn’t exist 10 or 15 years ago.

Christian Dahl, Senior Vice President People & Culture

The truth is we have more clients to serve, and we need more people to serve them,” says Christian Dahl, Senior Vice President, People & Culture. “Some people are concerned about technology replacing travel management companies. Simple reservations can now be handled online. Parts of the booking process are automated. But the need for highly specialized and experienced agents isn’t going away. Plus, as our sector develops, the skills we need as a company are changing, and we’re expanding the range of positions we need to fill. Travel management is a complicated business—we need the right people involved with running our business now and in the future.

In September 2012, we partnered with the Association of Corporate Travel Executives to launch a pilot program that brings energetic, business savvy graduates to our company. The Management Associate Program, or MAP, includes hands-on training in offices across the globe, rotations through key organizational functions and mentoring. Over nine months, participants learn the industry’s history, business models, all the major players—competing TMCs, airlines, hotels, online travel agencies—and our business philosophy and approach.
This intensive program is designed to fill our talent pipeline with next-generation professionals. Our focus on talent development will prepare us to meet the demands of an evolving industry.

Meet the three most recent graduates of this program below.
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