Virtual Payment Automation

For secure payments

Last year, almost half of all companies with business travelers were victims of fraud or attempted fraud when paying travel costs. Virtual Payment Automation reduces this risk and delivers time and cost savings too.

Protect yourself against misuse

Many hotels don’t accept reservations without a credit card. This can be a problem if your organization doesn’t issue corporate credit cards or has a large number of temporary employees, guests or consultants. Virtual Payment Automation creates a one-time virtual credit card for a hotel reservation, with a budget limit if necessary to prevent misuse. This virtual credit card acts as a guarantee for the reservation. When the traveler checks out, the system compares the payment with the reservations and charges the costs to the virtual credit card.

How does this benefit me?

The automatic payment process reduces the risk of errors: 99.95 percent of the payments and reservations match. You have more insight into data and can generate the reports needed for your accounts with a single press of a button. And importantly, you run a lower risk of fraud or misuse because no actual credit cards are in circulation. What’s more, the ease of use contributes to increased traveler satisfaction.

What’s the difference with other virtual payment solutions?

Virtual Payment Automation is a fully automated system. Manual actions are no longer needed for inputting, checking and reporting, so you save lots of time and money. On top of this, the system creates an actual image of a credit card allowing hotels to easily accept the payment.