VAT reclaim

Reclaim VAT automatically

Many countries around the world, including in Europe, charge VAT on purchases. This tax can represent up to 25 percent of the costs for a business trip and can apply to all manner of things, from taxi journeys to conference costs. It is possible to reclaim VAT on purchases, but it needs to be done for each country separately, which is time consuming and costly. VAT Reclaim processes all VAT in connection with business travel, such as hotels, restaurants, seminars and car rentals. Because the process is automated the costs are kept low. This allows even small VAT amounts to be processed in a cost-effective manner.

How does it benefit you?

  • VAT Reclaim saves you time and money when processing receipts.
  • Record and reclaim VAT on more invoices.
  • Process more invoices that meet the VAT requirements.
  • Even claim back small amounts of VAT.
  • Get your VAT back more quickly.