Procurement & business travel

Get a return on investment on business travel

In a constantly moving business travel -and technology- industry taking decisions isn’t always easy. How can you get the best value for your company’s travel program? And how can you keep control over your budget with travelers that can book their trip via so many ways these days? Stop missing spend and missing out on opportunities.

Do more with your travel budget

Get full control over your travel costs. And at the same time give your end users, the travelers, the best service and travel tools, like TripSource®, that eases booking travel and makes their business trips even more effective.

We’ll give you real-time insights in your travel spend with our DecisionSource® platform. Visualizing travel data and predictive models help you discover new savings and opportunities. Saving was never so easy (and fun). Or take it a step further: our end-to-end solutions let you capture, measure and manage it all: from travel booking to travel expense.

Advice you can trust

But managing travel is more than just technology. That’s why you’ll love the expert advice from our account managers, your trusted advisers. They’ll help you to get the most out of your program. Their insights and proven strategies will bring your program to the next level. Savings guaranteed.



savings when booking via a travel
management company versus
other booking channels



the average return on
investment of our clients
on hotel sourcing



return on investment when
successfully managing the
business travel program

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