BCD charters flight to repatriate Halliburton employees to Brazil during COVID-19 and saves client US$28,000

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Halliburton wanted to repatriate its employees and their families, from Trinidad and Tobago to Brazil. With borders closed and no commercial flights available, the client decided to arrange a charter flight. They received a US$97,000 quotation from a charter vendor, but they couldn’t reach an agreement on payment terms. 

With expansive knowledge of the Brazil market, BCD negotiated a competitive deal with another vendor at US$69,000—for a savings of US$28,000. BCD helped broker mutual agreement on payment terms. The affected travelers also needed connecting flights on arrival in Brazil. After receiving the charter date confirmation just one day before travel, BCD moved fast to arrange hotel reservations, transfers, and connecting flights.

Immediately after the charter flight was confirmed, BCD took care of all other trip segments: 10 hotel room reservations for the following day; a return shuttle from Viracopos International airport to the hotel and back next day; and 15 domestic flight tickets to Rio, Salvador and Natal to get everyone home safely. 

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