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2018 Industry Forecast

Advito’s 2018 Industry Forecast predicts rise in hotel rates and stable airfares; showcases emerging travel trends. Download white paper

2017 ACTE Corporate Travel Study

While much of the business travel conversation focuses on air travel, accommodation is every bit as important for the traveler experience. Download white paper

Engage your travelers

getengaged_118x118In this paper we outline how the best results are achieved when travel managers can meet business travelers’ needs and preferences while driving savings, safety, and other program objectives. Engage your travelers and empower them to make smart decisions. Download white paper


Advito Industry Forecast 2017

In this year’s forecast, discover which travel area experts predict will rise 3% in 2017. Find out which markets will be most affected this year and explore where you can find the best negotiating opportunities. Download Advito 2017 Industry Forecast


Virtual Collaboration: Enhancing your travel program

APACvirtualcollaboration 118x118Integrating virtual collaboration in the travel program, can make you much more important to your business. It extends your reach to include a strategic responsibility for virtual collaboration, which no one else has picked up in most companies. It also presents a new savings opportunity. This white paper offers a starting point to embark on the total collaboration journey. Download white paper


A virtual (payment) reality

vpa-120x120Virtual cards have emerged as alternatives to traditional corporate travel  payment solutions, but the hassles associated with them could often outweigh their benefits. We’ve found a way to retain the benefits of virtual cards while eliminating the hassles associated with them. We automate virtual card deployment and the matching of virtual card payments to bookings. And we do it with one solution across virtual card programs in multiple currencies and countries. Download white paper

Advito Industry Forecast 2016

Advito-IF-2016-Knowledge-center-post-120x120Advito releases 2016 Industry Forecast for business travel.

Low oil prices, increased capacity keep airfares relatively flat.

Download Advito 2016 Industry Forecast

Mobilize your travel program

Mobilize your travel program white paper download graphicWhat’s your company’s mobile strategy?

Now that mobile is coming to the forefront of business travel, applications are the next step to ensure your company’s success. Mobile has quickly evolved from an instant messaging tool to a personal command center. Your travellers are using them at home and on the road—making mobile devices a great way to connect with colleagues and the program itself. The challenge lies in how you harness mobile platforms effectively. Download white paper

Travel risk management white paper

TRM_Knowledge-Center_150x106_20150130_ENWhenever your employees take a business trip, their potential exposure to security, safety and medical issues increases. And if they’re involved in a serious incident, your company may face damaging consequences to its bottom line and reputation.This white paper gives you a seven-step roadmap for creating a reliable travel risk management strategy. Download white paper

The rise of the sharing economy

sharingEconomyThe time is right for travel managers to consider the merits of sharing economy suppliers. Investigate the sharing economy before dismissing it or banning it in its entirety. Download white paper

Advito dynamic hotel pricing

dynamicAre you looking for a better way than hotel RFPs? Dynamic hotel pricing may be an option to consider – but it is not for everyone. This paper offers the pros and cons of Best Available Rate (BAR) pricing and offers suggestions for testing the waters for yourself. Download white paper

Get travellers door to door

TTPDo your travellers spend hours researching trip logistics? Save your company and travellers time and money. Use a corporate tool that does door-to-door trip planning, so the information your travellers need is at their fingertips. Discover how Total Trip Planning can boost productivity—and satisfaction—among your travellers. Download white paper

Business Intelligence white paper

BIBusiness intelligence, or BI, is about gaining meaningful insight from data to drive strategic decisions and actions. Reporting, analysis, monitoring and forecasting are all progressive steps within business intelligence. In this white paper, you’ll find a great visualization of these steps. Download white paper

ITM – Come together

ComeTogetherIntegrating your corporate travel and meetings programs. Download white paper

VAT reclaim: Don’t leave money on the table

VATreclaimMany companies needlessly leave money on the table each year. How? They fail to fully recoup the refunds they’re due in value added taxes, or VAT. But now we offer a best-in-market fix that sets us apart from our competitors: Automated VAT Reclaim powered by Taxeo. Download white paper

Hidden spend: Mining a rich new vein of savings

hiddenSpendIn this paper, we’ll look at several other sub-categories of travel spend that are considerably more hidden. These include dining and entertainment, ground transportation and mobile charges. Because travellers buy these services outside of the boundaries of the travel program, data on this spend can be hard to come by. Download white paper

The Traveller Management Survival Guide

travelerManagementSurvialGuideThe success of every business travel program hinges on the ability to manage travellers. The more you understand about how your travellers think and make decisions, the better you can guide those decisions in support of company goals. This Traveller Management Survival Guide will help you understand key concepts from behavioural economics and link them to the challenges you wrestle with every day. It also provides specific examples you can implement to address – or even eliminate – bad buying decisions. Download white paper

Traveller Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter

travelerManagementTraveller Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter encourages travel managers to fundamentally change their approach to corporate travel programs, and makes the case that the traditional “command and control” approach to travel management offers fewer opportunities for innovation than building strong relationships with travellers. Download white paper