Achieve more with your travel program


Achieve more with your travel program

Managing a travel program can be challenging and complex. Smart solutions help you to control and save costs without compromising travel experience and satisfaction. Give your travellers the right tools to manage their trips efficiently to contribute to your company’s success.

Make smart decisions with real-time data

You’ll stay in control with our DecisionSource® platform. Powered by real-time data it makes decision making so much easier and accurate. It also helps you to ensure your travellers’ safety while they’re on the road. Track and trace your road warriors and take fast actions to let them safely travel on wards or back to their families at home. If you’re looking for a more tailored solution, you’re going to love SolutionSource®. It’s our very own marketplace where you can shop and select the add-ons that makes your corporate travel program even more valuable.

Give your travellers what they want

You’ll give your travellers everything they need to book and make trips in the easiest and most comfortable way. Let them book whenever it suits best with the online booking tool or with TripSource® even on any device they prefer. Our experienced agents are just a call away for support. With access to millions of shopping opportunities there’s no need for them to look elsewhere to book the best business trip.

Advice you can trust

But managing travel is more than just getting and using the best technology. Our account managers, your trusted advisers, help you to get the most out of your travel budget. Their proven strategies and proactive advice help you to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing business travel industry.


of travel managers indicate that tracking employee travel is a challenge. With DecisionSource Traveller Security you’ll locate your travellers with just a push of a button, and take the right actions. Learn more
Source: Ipsos, Perceptions of travel risk (2017)


“When travellers use TripSource, we increase our hotel-to-trip-night attachment, our immediate savings and our ability to negotiate with suppliers for better rates in the future. We also increase our duty of care.”

Veronica Sandoval
Leader of Travel, Fleet & Meeting Services for Latin America


How Ingersoll Rand boosts savings and improves traveller satisfaction

Ingersoll Rand rolled out BCD Travel’s TripSource self-service platform to travellers in six Latin American countries. The aim was to bring outside spend in through in-program hotel bookings, improve the traveller experience and drive savings. With a traveller outreach strategy Ingersoll Rand achieved an 88% rise in TripSource registrations, 28 pp increase in hotel-to-trip-night bookings, US$29,000 savings and 80% traveller satisfaction.

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