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Travel risk management white paper


Whenever your employees take a business trip, their potential exposure to security, safety and medical issues increases. And if they’re involved in a serious incident, your company may face damaging consequences to its bottom line and reputation.This white paper gives you a seven-step roadmap for creating a reliable travel risk management strategy.

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The rise of the sharing economy


The time is right for travel managers to consider the merits of sharing economy suppliers. Investigate the sharing economy before dismissing it or banning it in its entirety.

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Industry Forecast 2015


Advito releases 2015 Industry Forecast for business travel. With the global economy forecast to continue improving, business travel demand will grow in 2015.

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Advito dynamic hotel pricing


Are you looking for a better way than hotel RFPs? Dynamic hotel pricing may be an option to consider – but it is not for everyone. This paper offers the pros and cons of Best Available Rate (BAR) pricing and offers suggestions for testing the waters for yourself.

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Get travelers door to door


Do your travelers spend hours researching trip logistics? Save your company and travelers time and money. Use a corporate tool that does door-to-door trip planning, so the information your travelers need is at their fingertips. Discover how Total Trip Planning can boost productivity—and satisfaction—among your travelers.

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Business Intelligence white paper


Business intelligence, or BI, is about gaining meaningful insight from data to drive strategic decisions and actions. Reporting, analysis, monitoring and forecasting are all progressive steps within business intelligence. In this white paper, you’ll find a great visualization of these steps.

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ITM – Come together


Integrating your corporate travel and meetings programs.

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VAT reclaim: Don’t leave money on the table


Many companies needlessly leave money on the table each year. How? They fail to fully recoup the refunds they’re due in value added taxes, or VAT. But now we offer a best-in-market fix that sets us apart from our competitors: Automated VAT Reclaim powered by Taxeo.

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Hidden spend: Mining a rich new vein of savings


In this paper, we’ll look at several other sub-categories of travel spend that are considerably more hidden. These include dining and entertainment, ground transportation and mobile charges. Because travelers buy these services outside of the boundaries of the travel program, data on this spend can be hard to come by.

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The Traveler Management Survival Guide


The success of every business travel program hinges on the ability to manage travelers. The more you understand about how your travelers think and make decisions, the better you can guide those decisions in support of company goals. This Traveler Management Survival Guide will help you understand key concepts from behavioral economics and link them to the challenges you wrestle with every day. It also provides specific examples you can implement to address – or even eliminate – bad buying decisions.

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Traveler Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter


Traveler Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter encourages travel managers to fundamentally change their approach to corporate travel programs, and makes the case that the traditional “command and control” approach to travel management offers fewer opportunities for innovation than building strong relationships with travelers.

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Customer Knows Best: Leveraging B2C Strategies in Managed Travel Programs


Corporate travel programs can learn a lot from businesses that market directly to consumers. By harnessing widely available technologies and taking advantage of behaviors ubiquitous among private consumers, corporate travel programs can communicate more effectively with travelers, achieve higher traveler satisfaction levels and even increase leverage with suppliers.

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From Numbers to Action – KPI White Paper from Advito


Travel program managers are increasingly being asked to measure their success against corporate objectives. This white paper by BCD Travel’s consulting unit, Advito, provides travel managers with clear guidelines for directly linking travel program performance with corporate objectives using strategic key performance indicators, or KPIs.

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Charge Ahead – How airlines’ moves to reduce their credit card merchant fees drive up corporate travel costs.


Business travel-related risk management is making it to the top of the agenda at the corporate level. Most security and travel managers are aware of these recent developments but unsure how to initiate a successful travel risk management program that does not inhibit corporate mobility. The white paper explains why companies should adopt a systematic, strategic approach to travel risk management – and how to do it.

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Changing the DNA of Managed Travel

changing DNa

Using Social and Mobile to Enhance Productivity, Morale and the Bottom Line.
This white paper provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges for managed travel posed by the inexorable and irreversible rise of social Web (user generated content and social networking) and mobile technology. Secondly, it guides travel program stakeholders in leveraging these concepts to serve the evolving needs, constituents and consumers of corporate travel and meetings within the framework of a managed program.
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Corporate Travel Management Goes Next Gen


As complexities mount in the managed travel space, progressive companies are transforming travel program paradigms to achieve better-than-policy results, according to this white paper exploring innovations in corporate travel management. Underwritten by Advito and published by Business Travel Media Group, the paper includes extensive commentary and analysis from Advito and BCD Travel thought leaders.

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