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Desde tendencias del sector hasta análisis en profundidad, nuestros white papers proporcionan una perspectiva valiosa sobre un sector en rápida expansión.

June update 2013 Industry forecastJune Update to 2013 Industry Forecast

The Advito 2013 Industry Forecast June Update provides companies a benchmark they can use to project a price range for airline tickets and hotel rooms in major markets around the world.

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Survival GuideThe Traveler Management Survival Guide

The success of every travel program hinges on the ability to manage travelers. The more you understand about how your travelers think and make decisions, the better you can guide those decisions in support of company goals. This Traveler Management Survival Guide will help you understand key concepts from behavioral economics and link them to the challenges you wrestle with every day. It also provides specific examples you can implement to address – or even eliminate – bad buying decisions.

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Traverler Management white paper smallTraveler Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter

Traveler Management: How to influence your employees to plan, book and travel smarter encourages travel managers to fundamentally change their approach to corporate travel programs, and makes the case that the traditional “command and control” approach to travel management offers fewer opportunities for innovation than building strong relationships with travelers.

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Frequent TravelerThe Frequent Traveler: Finding a Balance - Executive Summary

Research The BTN Group conducted for the issue The Frequent Traveler: Finding A Balance yielded some very meaningful results about how business travel buyers and business travelers evaluate company efforts to reduce wear and tear on travelers, increase effectiveness in attracting and retaining talented employees and raise traveler productivity on the road. The research measured the scope and effectiveness of corporate travel policies and traveler behavior. It also examined the use of new technologies used by travelers, expenditures companies reimburse and traveler expectations for travel in the year ahead. This executive summary presents highlights of and key takeaways from those findings.

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Travel App IndexMobile App Index

Compiled by BCD Travel road warriors, the Travel App Index includes a list of useful applications proven effective in making life easier for both travel managers and the traveler. Sorted by category type, the index provides a lot of great travel tools at a quick glance.

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B2C StrategiesThe Customer Always Knows Best: Leveraging B2C Strategies in Managed Travel Programs

Corporate travel programs can learn a lot from businesses that market directly to consumers. By harnessing widely available technologies and taking advantage of behaviors ubiquitous among private consumers, corporate travel programs can communicate more effectively with travelers, achieve higher traveler satisfaction levels and even increase leverage with suppliers.

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Innovation white paper - no clickLeading the Way: Corporate Travel Management Goes Next-gen (en Inglés)

As complexities mount in the managed travel space, progressive companies are transforming travel program paradigms to achieve better-than-policy results, according to this white paper exploring innovations in corporate travel management. Underwritten by Advito and published by Business Travel Media Group, the paper includes extensive commentary and analysis from Advito and BCD Travel thought leaders.

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One Size Fits All? Consolidating your travel program (en ingles)

The white paper explores what consolidation means in the modern travel industry and what companies can hope to achieve from the substantial effort required to consolidate travel policies, suppliers and other program elements on a country, regional or global scale. In addition to defining consolidation and exploring benefits such as cost savings and increased traveler safety, the paper details how to execute a successful consolidation.

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Travel Risk Management White Paper

Business travel-related risk management is making it to the top of the agenda at the corporate level. Most security and travel managers are aware of these recent developments but unsure how to initiate a successful travel risk management program that does not inhibit corporate mobility. The white paper explains why companies should adopt a systematic, strategic approach to travel risk management – and how to do it.

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Global Travel Distribution Trends

The white paper explores the tensions and complexities that animate the current travel distribution environment. We address most major aspects of distribution costs, including GDS fees, agency incentives, alternative content aggregators and merchant fees.

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Responsible Travel Management

The white paper outlines the importance of a strategic approach to creating travel programs that integrate with their organizations’ overall Corporate Social Responsibility goals and stakeholder requirements. Responsible Travel Management will incorporate both sustainable and accountable elements.


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